Where Christ Can Dwell


Thursday of the 4th week of Advent 2015
   King David was not at ease in his comfort zone after a while. Why? The Lord who had kept him safe from all his enemies had no perfect dwelling place. David felt he needed to do something quick about it. But the truth is, God did have a perfect dwelling place; better than whatever King David might have planned on giving him. Yes. God dwelt in his heart. Same heart that made David want to put God first in everything he did and just because of this, David got showered with greater blessings.
   Don’t you feel discomfort when the Lord does not seem take first place in your life and daily activities? Don’t you get uneasy when he does not dwell within you due to your departure from him through your sins and self-centeredness? Let us like David feel uncomfortable and realize that need for God’s will to reign supreme in our lives despite our wills and personal comforts. Let us realise living in a house of cedar and gold is worth nothing if Christ doesn’t live within us.
   This night our Messiah comes to us as a baby; let your hearts be his dwelling place and you like David will attract greater blessings.

Lord, may You give us the grace that we may start clearing all obstacles that hinder the love, peace and joy Christ brings and may we make room for him in the perfect managers; our hearts. Amen.


Making a Path For Christ


Wednesday of the 4th Week of Advent 2015
    The readings of today points to the messenger of God, he who is to make straight the path for the Messiah, “he who will be great before the Lord and filled with the Holy Spirit, he who was going to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just and make ready the Lord a people prepared.” (Luke 1:15-17). That person being talked about isn’t just John, my dear friend; that person is you. You are called to be that messenger of God, God has already filled you with the Holy Spirit, He has given you greatness. You are the one to turn back hearts to Him, you are the one to prepare people to receive Christ when He comes again as King. Just as it was written on the tablet, so is God telling you: “Your name is John”.
There are people in need of the good news of God’s love today. Give words of encouragement to colleagues, share a Bible passage or a meditation with friends, give the downcast ones hope, be kind, be merciful, let the see Christ’s image in you. Be that messenger of the Lord. So why don’t you take on the mantle of John the Baptist and prepare the hearts of people around you for Christ’s coming this Christmas as well as His Second Coming in glory.

May the Holy Spirit dwell in us bringing good tidings in our lives as we endeavour to be a path through which people can find Christ. Amen.

Perseverance in the key.


Tuesday of the 4th week of Advent 2015
   Hannah was said to have lived in torment and humiliation for years just because she could not bear a child (1 Samuel 1:5-7). But she did not relent even when she was initially misunderstood and put off by comments (1 Samuel 1:12-16). She did not lose hope; she poured out her troubles to the Lord and finally God answered her prayer (1 Samuel 1:19). Her sorrow turned into joy, her distress into praises to God our Almighty Father (1 Samuel 2).
   What troubles your heart? What problems do you have which makes you distressed? What is that you have prayed for but there seemed to be no answer? What is that you stopped praying for because you felt there was no use praying for it anymore?
   Don’t lose hope. Don’t relent. You’ve come a long way praying, why stop now? Persevere and you will end up like Hannah and our Mother Mary singing praises to God for that which he will fulfill in your life.

May this Christmas bring us joy and make us magnify in the Lord for the goodness and graces he constantly bestows on us. Amen.